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Sabrina Stephens

Get to know what brings out our Office Manager Sabrina Stephens’ laughter and what fuels her hard work!


The person

Sabrina is a vivacious and loyal individual. She finds immense joy in spending time with her grandkids, relishing in the laughter and unique ways they bring happiness into her life. Her day begins with her trusty Keurig coffee maker, a testament to her love for caffeine.

Sabrina’s hobbies include reading the Bible and crafting, two activities that bring her a sense of peace and fulfillment. 

The professional

Sabrina is a seasoned professional with a diverse background, reflecting her commitment to learning and adaptability. Her journey began in the tobacco fields and behind the wheel of a bus during high school. She then transitioned into the world of purchasing as an Associate Buyer for a Manufacturing Company that specialized in electrical transformers. With roles that span Purchasing, Accounting, and Product Management, Sabrina’s career journey has led her to her current role as a valued member of our team.

Sabrina’s approach to her work is characterized by empathy and a dedication to understanding customers’ needs. Her hard work is fueled by her internal drive to achieve and surpass her own accomplishments.

The Brunswick County resident

Living in Brunswick County for five years, Sabrina is enamored with its proximity to the beach, making it a cherished spot. She loves the local atmosphere, often frequenting Mason Dixon for her shopping needs. Southport is her favorite area for leisurely strolls, and she finds the Holden Beach bridge’s view Instagram-worthy.

When dining out, Sabrina enjoys Lou Lou’s restaurant for its stunning views and delicious cuisine. For a touch of nostalgia and variety, Beach Mart is her go-to place for unique finds. When her sweet tooth calls, Beaches and Cream satiates her cravings.

Kitchen Design Consultation with Chris Gibson

POV on Kitchen and Design

The Kitchen

Sabrina’s love for well-designed spaces centers on the kitchen, a room that brings people together and forms the heart of a home. Her preference for a well-designed kitchen is rooted in the need for practicality and seamless flow.

She favors the raised panel cabinet style and granite countertops with a leather finish. Sabrina believes that a complete kitchen remodel adds significant value to a home. Her favorite cabinetry line is MasterBrand, which she values for its quality.

For those embarking on a kitchen remodel, Sabrina advises understanding your budget and staying within it. She believes that every kitchen needs a functional flow, ample storage, and a spacious sink.

In her personal spaces, Sabrina’s favorite paint color is Valspar September Fog, encapsulating her affinity for calm and soothing hues.