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We reached out to one of our Area’s Top Realtors, Tracy Swanson, with our Kitchen and Bath Q&A. We asked Tracy to weigh in to share her local market knowledge and what kitchen and bath updates she believes can add value to your property!

Learn more about Tracy and the answers she shared for our Kitchen and Bath Q&A!

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Tracy Swanson

Tracy Swanson brings a commitment to excellence to her clients across Brunswick County. After a 20-year career in the U.S. Marine Corps, Tracy began her second career in real estate in 2007.

Tracy stays true to the tenets of service with trust, loyalty, initiative, and integrity. She has spent over 15 years learning about the islands, inland, suburbs, and farmland in and around Brunswick County. That’s why she can help you find your retirement home, vacation home, or first home in our area and also why we reached out to her with our Kitchen and Bath Q&A!

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Kitchen and Bath Q&A with Tracy Swanson

What is the #1 feature in a kitchen that really captures a buyer's attention during a showing?

“The floorplan”

What should someone looking to do a kitchen renovation think about for resale?

“Counters and/or cabinets

Think about one of the best kitchens you've ever seen in Brunswick County. What did it have and why did you like it?

“White and bright.

What upgrades do buyers love to see in a master bathroom?

“Showers with NO jacuzzi tub.

What bath upgrades would you recommend for homeowners thinking about selling?

“Removing the jacuzzi tubs and enlarging the walk-in shower.”

If you are building a new home today, what must your kitchen have?

“Center island with large flat work area.”

What does a short-term rental need in a kitchen to command more bookings?

“A window.”

What in a kitchen or bath will make a client turn around and walk out the door?

1970’s brass fittings and linoleum floors.”

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Realtor Tracy Swanson with Swanson Realty

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