White Tile Shower Installation

Add Value to Your Home with a Tile Shower

Designing and installing a tile shower in your home is one way Brunswick Tile and Flooring can help you add value to your home. Discover what we recommend thinking about before kicking off your project!

Project Planning for a Tile Shower

Homeowners can get 10 steps ahead in the project planning for a tile shower when they start the inspiration process at home!

Envision your new tile shower’s design and layout and start surfing. Head over to our Pinterest board for Tile Showers to start gathering inspiration! Be sure to think beyond the actual tile selection but also whether you want to create storage and seating in your shower itself!


White Tile Shower with Sitting Bench

Tile Shower Design

Our team at Brunswick Tile and Flooring will kick off your consultation by asking you design-related questions.  

Your answers to our first 5 design-related questions will help us provide you with a range of First-Look Selections.

1. What problems do you want to resolve with the new design?

2. Is this a project in which you would want to place more emphasis on function or style?

3. What’s the ideal budget you’re trying to achieve?

4. What color scheme are you envisioning?

5. Do we have a time frame we want this project to be completed by?

And, one more! Since we are the ultimate problem-solvers and can act as a mediator (!)… if you are searching with a partner, we always ask what part of the project do you and the partner disagree on when it comes to updates? Let us know this and we are confident we can help you pick a winner!

Tile Shower Styles

Here are examples of why tile selection can really make a difference in the shower.

  • Large format tiles – Less grout to clean and will create a sleek and modern look.
  • Textured tiles – Beautiful visual effect but can also offer a homeowner additional grip in a wet environment.
  • Natural, neutral, or bold tiles – Your tile selection can create a special feeling for the space. Decide whether you are going for organic, calm, and zen or unique and one-of-a-kind.
  • Accent walls – You can create a statement or focal point in the shower with a “wow” wall.

Don’t Forget About Your Storage Needs

Adding a tile shower is the perfect time to toss the portable shower caddy and plan for permanent storage inside the shower.

Depending on the size and space, you’ll want to consider whether any of the following are Tile Shower Must-Haves for you.

  • Shower Niche 
  • Corner Shelf 
  • Floating Shelves
  • Built-in seating