Design Specialist Lauren Suggs for Brunswick Tile and Flooring

Tile and Flooring Design Specialist Lauren Suggs

Get to know more about Tile and Flooring Design Specialist Lauren Suggs and discover how this 3rd generation creative channels her passion for space design into a fun and collaborative approach with clients seeking tile and flooring.  

Q&A with LAUREN SUGGS – Tile and Flooring Design Specialist

The person

The design roots in Lauren’s family go way back.

She was raised in Burgaw by a designer mother, whose mother was also a designer. So, it’s easy to claim Lauren “Got it from her Mama and her Mama’s mama.” 

Lauren was naturally drawn to her mother’s work and managed to take the learnings from dinner table conversations about what her mother was working on and stories of project challenges that had to be overcome into her own client conversations today.  

Having been “shown the ropes” by a successful kitchen designer, Lauren has used her mother’s influence to develop her own approach today.  Lauren is as kind-hearted and energetic as they come, which clients love, but her value as a Design Specialist is her instinctive ability to creatively problem-solve for her clients in a variety of common situations.

Whether this be marrying varying viewpoints for a husband and wife or locating an alternative product that might work better with a client’s existing color palette, Lauren will work for you…all while keeping the process fun for you.

The professional

Lauren knew finding a profession where she could show off her eye for design was important. As a design professional, Lauren stays prepared to bring with her an open mind and lots of creative ideas to help you create a space that speaks directly to you.

She’s on top of her game with product and installation trends by researching our vendors’ product collections and working closely with Interior Designers in our area. 

The work required to achieve a new look in a home is also what excites her. The fact that the options are endless which can be a stressor for some homeowners is Lauren’s favorite thing about design. She knows if she can get a vision for what her clients want she’ll have solutions available for them. Lauren likes to tell her customers to just have fun exploring and gathering inspiration for their ideal design and leave the hard work to sourcing the perfect look to her. 

The Brunswick County resident

While born and raised in the heart of Pender County, Lauren is now a BC resident. Brunswick County offers Lauren a sense of peace and quiet – like her hometown – just with a little more to see and do. 

Visiting any one of the Brunswick beaches is a favorite pastime for Lauren and likely a source for her affinity for coastal style. But, she’s also an avid “window shopper” and even has a shortlist for her popular window-shopping local spots like Mason Dixon, Cape Fear Surf Shop, and Callahan’s. We would just question whether it’s technically window shopping when Lauren tells us she can almost always find something to sneak back into the house. 🙂 But, we know this is something all smart women can do – and she’s a smart woman – so we’ll just leave it at that.

Tile and Flooring Design Specialist Lauren Suggs

How would your best friend describe you?

Kind-hearted and optimistic.

What Makes You Laugh Most?

A good prank! Of course, I’m usually the victim but I always get a great laugh!

You'll Never See in my Home...

Me cooking! Sounds silly but my fiance’s the chef in the kitchen, I’m just his guest.”

What got you excited about working in this industry?

“Coming from a family that’s always been in the interior design field, I’ve always had an eye for design, and what better way to show off my ability!”

What's your personal interior style?


favorite paint color

“A shade from Benjamin Moore Buxton Blue or any shade of blue and I’d be satisfied.”

Favorite Area for Strolling


Favorite Local Spot

“Makai Brewery has delicious craft beers or Wing and Fish to get your taste buds on.”

Favorite Restaurant in Brunswick County

“Inlet View. I can’t tell you how many lunches or dinners we’ve had there. We go for any occasion.”

Helping You Express Yourself

Whether it’s taking a space that’s dated or not to your taste, Lauren’s approach towards design starts by helping you find products that speak to you. 

Product Selection is like Wardrobe Selection

For Lauren, tile and flooring product selection is like wardrobe selection. She aims to help her clients find a product that fits well (both for the space and budget) but is a style that they love too. 

Finding Your Inner Personality

For the adventurous (or courageous!), Lauren sees selecting tile and flooring as an opportunity to show a side of yourself you might not otherwise feel comfortable showing. Meaning, while you might play it safe when it comes to your personal wardrobe, your personal home could reflect a completely different style you love. 

She said it’s this part of her profession that is really fun. She loves to help a client express themselves through design in such a way that their inner personality and character shines through.

Seeking “Oohs and Aahs”

To us, this highlights just the type of designer Lauren really is. One that can stretch a homeowner to consider selections they are truly drawn to in order to transform their space into one they love. 

“Oohs and Aahs” at the completion of your project when admiring your project’s style and materials is Lauren’s ultimate goal.

What about you OR your approach will make transforming spaces for customers effortless or stress-free?

“Leave the hard work for me, let’s have fun choosing your design together.”

What motivates you to work hard?

“Achieving that finished product that gets the oohs and aahs.”

Favorite room of the home to design. Why?

“Kitchen. The heart of the home. Let’s make it somewhere you want to spend a lot of time.”

What do you think is trending in the area for beach homes when it comes to flooring?

“Luxury Vinyl Plank. It’s durable and waterproof making it ideal for our area.”

What should homeowners know when buying tile?

“The difference in the materials.”

What's an important question a homeowner should ask themselves when thinking about replacing their backsplash?

“Do you have a color scheme and do you want it to blend in with the kitchen/ bathroom or do you want it to make a statement piece?”

 Showroom Consultations with Lauren

Whatcha Looking For?

Our goal is to make sure we are listening well to you. When you arrive in our showroom, we will start by asking you a series of questions to ensure we are pulling the right products for you.

Check out our  “Whatcha Looking For” video to get a better idea about our process and what you will experience during a showroom consultation.

First Look Tile Selections by Lauren

Whatcha Looking For? Green Backsplash Tile

Find out what selections Lauren pulled for a client seeking a green backsplash tile for her kitchen. Click to watch the video.

 First Look Selections

Tile Ideas and Design by Lauren

Brunswick Tile and Flooring offers design services to help homeowners select the tile style and material best suited for their project.

First Look Selections is a specialized and free service we offer that gives homeowners a starting point in their search for the perfect tile. 

First Look Selections Just for You

If you would like to have Lauren choose a sampling of first-look tile selections for a project you are considering, don’t hesitate to reach out. Lauren will ask you to send any inspirational looks you are considering her way and she’ll connect to talk with you more about your project.  

As soon as Lauren can get an initial feel for your preferences, Lauren will pull selections from our showroom tiles and expand her sourcing efforts to bring in product samples from our tile distributors if that’s what your project calls for. Her sourcing capabilities have no bounds.

Lauren will do what it takes to customize First Look Selections just for you in preparation for a 1:1 consultation. 

Contact us today if you are in need of tile ideas and design inspiration, Lauren will be happy to help you get started!

First Look Tile Selections by Lauren

First Look Selections

First Look Selections by Lauren gives homeowners a starting point in their search for the perfect tile for their project. Call us today to have Lauren customize a first look just for you.

First Look: Honed Marble

A honed marble selection will be both a contemporary and modern choice that will remain timeless for years to come. You can instantly add elegance to your space with this natural stone.

Popular for both bathroom floors and walls, honed marble is known to be more durable than polished marble but will be less resistant to staining. 

Keep in mind with marble selections, you want to be clear about where you are planning to install the tile so that our team can confirm whether marble is a preferred selection for the space. 

If you are interested in exploring a marble tile, reach out and we’ll gather a group of selections just for you!


Marble Mosaics

First Look: Countersplash

Countersplash is having a moment. If you are looking for a new option for a kitchen backsplash, thanks to our sister company this is one we can offer.

Countersplash is a countertop material that extends up the wall to create a continuous surface that functions as both a countertop and a backsplash.

Choosing a Countersplash can help simplify the design of your kitchen by eliminating the need for a separate backsplash material, and it can also make cleaning and maintenance easier by creating a seamless surface that is easy to wipe down.

If you are interested in exploring a Countersplash, let us know and Lauren will gather the selections just for you!



First Look: Black Tiles

Black tiles can elevate the everyday space with a touch of drama or a nod to the past. A black tile selection can offer a homeowner a versatile foundation (much like white) that can allow for many different styles to ultimately be incorporated into the space. 

Our showroom carries black tiles in different finishes, materials, and shapes to help your project dreams come to life. 

If you are interested in seeing our selections of black tiles, let us know and Lauren will gather the selections just for you!


Black Tiles

First Look: Glass Tile

Homeowners seeking a statement backsplash tile might want to consider a glass tile. We currently have some of the most beautiful coastal colors of glass tile mosaics from our suppliers, such as Lunada Bay in the showroom.

Glass tiles are great options for the homeowner that cooks a ton since they are stain-resistant making cleanup a breeze. But, perhaps even better, glass tiles typically have a polished or glossy finish – giving off shimmery and sparkly vibes – which have a special way of expanding and opening spaces.

If you are interested in viewing glass tiles, let us know the shapes and shades you are attracted to and Lauren will gather options just for you!


Glass Tiles

First Look: Textured Tile

Textured tiles are perfect for the homeowner that might be opposed to bright and bold colors but still craves a unique look. By steering away from the smooth and polished surface, homeowners can opt for a textured tile to add a uniqueness and character to the space. 

Tiles with texture can be great options for both the wall and floor. For homeowners that elect to use a textured tile for the floor, this is also a great way to reduce slipping.

We offer a number of textured tile choices in our showroom. If you are interested in viewing textured selections, let us where you plan to install the tiles along with the shapes and shades you are interested in and Lauren will gather options just for you!


Textured tiles

First Look: Blue Green Tile

Blue and green tiles are striking choices anywhere across the country. But, these tiles feel perfect here in many coastal homes across Brunswick County.

Depending on your style preferences, you’ll find that adding a little blue or green to your kitchen and bath can add a little whimsy or contrastingly a bold sophistication.

For homeowners that choose to stay relatively neutral when building or renovating one option is to step out of the box with a backsplash tile or tile for the shower. Choosing a blue or green tile for either of these areas will highlight just how one element in a space can still command the entire room.

Our tile lines offer a wide range of blue and green tiles. If you are interested in viewing tile selections, let us what shapes and shades you are interested in and Lauren will gather options just for you!


blue green tile

First Look: Wintery Warm

Warm-tone-inspired tile styles will give you cozy vibes in any space. If you are seeking a warmer-colored tile for your coastal home, we’ve got you covered.

Lauren can pull a wide selection of first-look options for you, as varied as changing leaves in fall.

  • Forest green
  • Deep red to maroon
  • Yellow and Golds
  • Taupes to Deep Browns
  • Even deep purple!

 Our Designer and Specialty tile lines such as Artistic Tile, AKDO, and Lunada Bay offer many of these amazing tile colors while also offering unique textures and shapes that you will not see everywhere else.

Let us know what style you are going for and we’ll start gathering an amazing group of first-look selections with a warm palette just for you.


Fall Inspired Tile Colors
Warm Tile Colors

First Look: Art Deco Tile

It’s the year of personalization for tile and Art Deco tile might just be at the forefront of this movement.

If you are seeking a tile with details, a unique pattern, or a rich color, an art deco selection might just be right for you.

  • Floral patterns
  • Fan-like tiles
  • Origami patterns
  • Triangle tiles
  • Geometrics
  • And more!

Art deco tile selections are perfect for the space that needs to make an artistic statement. Whatever that statement may be.

What style are you going for? Luxurious? Modern? Edgy? Playful? Something else?

Call Lauren and let her know the style for your project and she’ll get creative pulling art deco selections just for you. 


Art Deco Coastal Tile Ideas by Lauren

First Look: White Tile Bathroom

A white tile bathroom will never go out of style and at Brunswick Tile and Flooring you’ll have endless options of white tile selections. White tile marble, clean classic subway, trendy shapes of white ceramic, the possibilities are endless.

First Look spotlights the approach Lauren takes for an initial consultation of your First Look Selections. She will zero in on the necessary “must-haves” mentioned during the initial call with you such as “white tile” and then pull a range of styles and materials for inspiration to help you get the selection process started. 

White Tile Bathroom Tile Ideas by Lauren

pin-spired renovations

Gathering Inspiration to Guide Design

Pin-spired renovations is a new series we are launching on Youtube that will spotlight a Pinterest pin for inspiration and then highlight the designer pairing Lauren has come up with to compliment the interior design from the image.   

If you would like to have Lauren choose a pairing from a Pinterest pin that you’ve found simply bring it in. Or take a picture or two of your current space at home and she’ll use that as a starting point to pull product selections for you to review. 

Take a look at the first two videos from this new series, pin-spired renovations: Modern Coastal and Blush Elegance.

Are you ready for the “oohs and aahs”?

Lauren is ready to help you find products for your project that will speak to you.