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Brunswick Tile and Flooring provides design and installation services to homeowners in Supply NC. If you are interested in kicking off a tile or flooring project, let recent projects in your area be the inspiration you need to start today!
Art Deco Tile Floor in Supply NC

Mediterrean Tile for Bathroom Floor

Location: Supply, NC

Space: Master Bathroom


Exeter 8×8 Tile Quilt

Solves: Master bathroom update

Our Supply NC client chose a beautiful coastal 8×8 deco tile for her bathroom. This is a classic example of “forget the walls, let the floors do the talking”!

White Tile Shower with Sitting Bench

White Tile Shower with Sitting Bench

Location: Supply, NC

Space: Master Shower


Soho White 4×16 Subway Tile with a Marble Hex and White Carrara Threshold

Solves: Master shower remodel

Our Supply NC client came to us seeking to remodel their master shower. The white selections, both classic and timeless, create a clean and bright master perfect for years to come.

Master Shower Marble Wall Tile

A Master Shower in Supply

Location: Supply, NC

Space: Master Shower

Material: Chesapeake Melody in Carbon with mosaic in Basic Cross Black.

Solves: Modernize the master shower

Our Supply client chose a marble wall tile from Chesapeake Flooring’s Melody Collection in the color Carbon with a decorative mosaic in Basic Cross Black. This combination blends perfectly for a classic and timeless look for a master shower.

Ceramic Tile Shower Project in Supply

Sleek and clean master shower in Supply

Location: Supply, NC

Space: Master Bathroom

Material: Chesapeake Villa Pompeii Shell

Solves: Refresh the space

Our Supply client used Brunswick Tile and Flooring to help create a traditional ceramic tile look in her master bathroom, replacing the garden tub for a standup shower. The end result provided not only achieved the client’s desired function for the space but also created a sleek and clean space to enjoy for years to come.

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