Brunswick Tile and Flooring Owner Ryan Johnson

Holden Beach, NC

Brunswick Tile and Flooring provides design and installation services to homeowners in Holden Beach, NC.

Choosing us, a local company allows you to benefit from our expertise and knowledge of the area, including understanding the unique flooring needs and considerations specific to Holden Beach and its surrounding environment.

Holden Beach Carpet and Tile Renovation

Modern and Refreshing Flooring for the Home

Location: Holden Beach, NC

Space: Entire home

Material: Advantage White Rock 18×18 Matte, Serene White 18×18 Matte, DW Select Dreamweaver

Solves: Replace outdated flooring

Our Holden Beach NC client wished to update the flooring in their home. The white tiles selected provide a fresh and clean foundation, while the carpet adds a cozy touch to specific areas.

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