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We contacted Denise Young, one of the most reputable real estate agents in our area, for an insightful Kitchen and Bath Q&A session. We invited Denise to contribute her expertise on the local market and provide valuable insights on kitchen and bath updates that can enhance your property’s value.

Discover more about Denise and the valuable information she shared in our Kitchen and Bath Q&A!

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Denise Young 

Denise Young takes pride in knowing her clients trust her with one of their biggest decisions. She services all of Brunswick County and specializes in Holden Beach as that is also her home.

The compliment she hears most from her buyers is she shows them homes that interest them and from her sellers they remark they feel informed with what buyers are looking for.

Denise understands a client’s time is valuable and seeks to understand what interests them. Her expertise and knowledge when it comes to a buyer’s interest in our area is why we reached out to her with our Kitchen and Bath Q&A!

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Kitchen and Bath Q&A with Denise Young

What is the #1 feature in a kitchen that really captures a buyer's attention during a showing?

The countertops. The lighter the better & either quartz or granite.

What should someone looking to do a kitchen renovation think about for resale?

Replacing dated & dark cabinets and nice appliances that match (all same color & brand).

Think about one of the best kitchens you've ever seen in Brunswick County. What did it have and why did you like it?

“Large kitchen island that offered seating. White cabinets at beach houses and a contrasting color for the island. Upgraded countertops, high-end appliances with great lighting.

What upgrades do buyers love to see in a master bathroom?

Tile showers, tile flooring, glass enclosures, and cool colors. Tubs are a negative.

What bath upgrades would you recommend for homeowners thinking about selling?

Replace the vanity & top if needed (or paint the vanity and replace the hardware if replacing is not in the budget). New flooring, LVP is nice and make sure all fixtures match & work properly.”

If you are building a new home today, what must your kitchen have?

“Large island with some seating. Quartz c.tops, white cabinets with a contrasting color for the island. Lots of accessories in the cabinets (roll-out trays, cutlery dividers, etc.) High-end appliances, furniture style vent hood, microwave in the cabinet.”

What does a short-term rental need in a kitchen to command more bookings?

“Lots of seating at the island & dining room. Large or double refrigerator. Updated appliances.”

What in a kitchen or bath will make a client turn around and walk out the door?

Kitchen: Outdated cabinets, laminate c.tops, mismatched appliances & ceramic top stoves that have not been cared for. Baths: fiberglass tubs & showers, small vanities with outdated fixtures.”

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