Manager Tony Bray of Brunswick Tile and Flooring

Manager Tony Bray

Get to know more about Manager Tony Bray. The words of wisdom from his Dad that shaped his professional career and how he’ll demonstrate his value to you as you begin a search for tile and flooring.

Q&A with TONY BRAY – Manager

The person

An easy-going, big-hearted, people person…Tony lives with his wisdom from his Dad close to heart.

My father told me when I was about 16 that it didn’t matter what I did in life but to just be the best at whatever I did and he would be proud of me. That has always stuck with me to give everything my all.

Tony’s work ethic and hard-working nature are pure. Whether it came from his Dad’s wise words or from his Detroit background, it’s hard to ignore Tony’s authenticity for always giving everything his all. 

We recruited Tony to be our Manager at Brunswick Tile and Flooring for this reason. We offer customers a better way to buy tile and flooring and it starts with giving you… our all.

The professional

Outworking his peers isn’t the only trait that sets him apart, Tony demonstrates his value to customers with his product knowledge.

In managing multiple departments at a big-box retailer, Tony learned the pros and cons of 1000s of products on the store shelves. His product knowledge has given him the expertise to help you compare your favorite selections, beyond the color and price, with information on each selection’s pros and cons.

This product knowledge and his accountability to customers are the traits that led to his rapid promotion in management at a big-box DIY home improvement retailer in the area. His individual brand and reputation were so well-known that his name was at the top of our list when we began looking for the right person to service our customers.

The Brunswick County resident

When Tony isn’t hard at work providing for his family, you are sure to find him spending time relaxing with them. This family man grew up with all of his relatives on the same street in Michigan so he understood the importance of moving south when his wife told him she wanted to be close to hers in Brunswick County as they were raising their own family. 

As Brunswick County became home for Tony, his favorite spots in the area grew. Whether it’s playing basketball at Town Creek Park, visiting Downtown Southport to eat at the Frying Pan, or heading to the watering hole in Leland Locals, you are sure to Tony and his family out and about. 

Brunswick Tile and Flooring Manager Tony Bray

Favorite Paint Color

“Midnight Blue.”

What Makes You Laugh?

“My kids.”

Where’s the best place to buy the thing you didn’t know you needed in Brunswick County?

Wherever my wife decides to take me for that thing I didn’t know I needed until she told me we did! Lol. 😉 😊 “

Every home needs...

“A quiet spot.”

Beyond the Color and Price

An Apples to Apples Comparison

Colors and price are easy ways to select flooring and tile but, Tony, a flooring and tile expert, can help you understand if you are comparing apples to apples.

The Right Material for Your Project

Tony’s value to customers is product knowledge. 

With thousands of different products and styles available, Tony can hand-pick products for both tile and flooring that can help you achieve your style and vision while making sure that you’re getting the right material for your project.

A Project to be Proud Of

People don’t just go around changing their space every couple of years so it’s nice to know that people are proud of what we have designed together. I have had people come in and tell me that they have had family come and see their new kitchen or living room floor and just rave about how beautiful it is. They are so proud of their home and it’s cool that I helped them accomplish that.

The experience you have throughout a project with Brunswick Tile and Flooring is important to Tony. He wants to ensure the experience you have is a good one so that it’s a project everyone can be proud of. 

I give every customer my full attention. I want every job to be perfect for our customers so I take the time to make sure every detail is what they want.

Tony’s goal with customers is transparency, efficiency, and easy collaboration. If you are considering flooring, we hope that you’ll consider kicking off your project with Tony and us!

What flooring is trending in the area for beach homes?

“Luxury Vinyl Plank, it’s durable and waterproof!”

What's an important question a homeowner should ask themselves when thinking about replacing their backsplash?

“Will my new backslash go with my current kitchen design and look?”

Describe a Favorite Style of Backsplash for Kitchens

“I really like mosaic tiles for backsplashes. You can get some really nice, creative looks.”

What's an important question a homeowner should ask themselves when thinking about replacing their floors?

“How long do you want your new floors to last? There are a lot of cheap products available in the market but they will not last a long time due to the quality of the product’s construction.”

What is your best advice for someone who is tackling a tile or flooring remodel on their own?

“Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Don’t cut corners!”

Recent Projects 

Herringbone Pattern Tile Flooring
Ceramic Tile Shower Project in Supply
LVP Flooring Installation
Porcelain Tile Screened Back Porch Project in Bolivia
Manager’s Choice

Top Picks by Tony

Brunswick Tile and Flooring offers collections of products designed for coastal living and the Manager’s Choice is monthly series to spotlight Tony’s top picks to consider as you begin your tile and flooring search.

To get more inspiration, you can also explore our Collections of Product on our Products page.

Brunswick Tile and Flooring's Manager's Choice

Manager’s Choice Pick: September 2022

Mohawk Founder’s Trace – Tony chose an LVP selection for his September 2022 pick.

This Manager’s Choice for September is Founder’s Trace from Mohawk. This selection features a 7-inch wide plank in 14 colors with a 20 mil wear layer. This durable wear layer is a perfect option for a high-traffic coastal home. 

Mohawk Founder's Trace LVP Flooring

Manager’s Choice Pick: August 2022

12 x 24 Glaciar White Gloss – Tony chose a pure white floor tile for his July 2022 pick.

This Manager’s Choice for July is a timeless selection for shower walls that will give your shower a bright and clean look. It’s a solid flat tile perfect for the minimalist homeowner.

Manager's Choice August 2022: Glaciar White Gloss 12x24

Manager’s Choice Pick: July 2022

Euphoria Collection – Tony chose a unique collection from Sonoma makers his July 2022 pick.

Euphoria is an artistic, highly unique tile that comes in varied metallic textures with an amazing 10 shapes and 18 colors. 

This collection’s handcrafted look will give your space a one-of-a-kind look. 

This Manager’s Choice for July is best appreciated when viewed in person. We definitely recommend if you are considering this selection to come on in!

Euphoria Collection from Sonoma Tilemakers

Manager’s Choice Pick: June 2022

Mohawk Explorer’s Cove – Tony chose the Explorer’s Cove collection for his June 2022 pick.

Explorer’s Cove is a rigid LVT floor with the following specs:

  • A 7″ x 48″ plank
  • Micro bevel
  • 20 mil wear layer.
  • 12 color styles are available.

This Manager’s Choice for June is an affordable selection we’d recommend adding to your consideration list if you are looking to upgrade your coastal floors.

Mohawk Explorer's Cove

Manager’s Choice Pick: May 2022

Exeter Porcelain Collection – Tony chose a collection of porcelain tiles for his May 2022 pick.

A deco floor or wall tile is guaranteed to make a statement in your space. The repeating visual design gives an often overlooked surface a higher level of star power in your room.

This Manager’s Choice for May is recommended for the homeowner that wants to spice up what might otherwise be a boring space, the laundry room for example. Or for spaces where you might have chosen to go budget-friendly in other areas of the renovation but want the overall space to have a certain personality when you walk into the room.

Exeter Porcelain Tile

Manager’s Choice Pick: April 2022

Happy Floors Cipriani Muro Tile – Tony chose a 12×24 porcelain mosaic tile for his April 2022 pick.

This white grey tile would be perfect for a master bathroom wall tile, keeping the space in a neutral color palette while adding visual interest to the space. The porcelain large format tile is also ideal for homeowners that wish to select a tile with minimal seam lines in order to minimize the amount of grout. 

This Manager’s Choice for April is recommended for the homeowner that wants to create an eye-catching space while using as few tiles as possible.

Happy Floors Cipriani Muro Tile

Manager’s Choice Pick: March 2022

Carrara and Calacatta Ceramic Tile – Tony chose 2, 6 x 12 tile selections for his March 2022 pick.

With large format marble-looking tile gaining popularity, the March selection is a debut of a smaller wall tile alternative in a glossy finish. The Carrara and Calacatta style tile selected offers a homeowner a timeless backdrop for your space. 

This Manager’s Choice for March should definitely be one to consider by homeowners with a preference for finding a tile that could elevate any space.

Carrara and Calacatta 6 x 12 Ceramic Tile

Manager’s Choice Pick: February 2022

Pinnacle – Tony chose an LVP from Happy Feet International for his February 2022 pick.

In 12 stunning colors with high variation, the Pinnacle series raises the bar in LVP style with a 28 mil layer. This durability combined with an ultra-quiet 2 MM acoustical cushion for maximum sound abatement makes it a great option for both your busy and louder households (or vacation rentals).

This Manager’s Choice for February should definitely be one to consider by homeowners with high traffic seeking a durable flooring option for coastal living.

Manager's Choice February 2022: Pinnacle York at Brunswick Tile and Flooring

Manager’s Choice Pick: January 2022

La Riviera – Tony chose a subway tile from La Riviera for his January 2022 pick.

The pick was a nod to what interior designers are expecting to be a very green year. The subway tile shown in Moss offers high variation between the tiles, in both hues and tones, to create a bold statement in your space.

This Manager’s Choice for January is a great option for those seeking to bring the outdoor nature vibes indoor!

La Riviera Moss

Manager’s Choice Pick: December 2021

Armstrong Empower – Tony chose a rigid core flooring from Armstrong Empower for his December 2021 pick.

The collection, Scandia Oak, shown in Midsummer Sun is a perfect light blonde wood-look flooring selection for a coastal lifestyle. Waterproof, extreme stability and stainproof qualities make this choice perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

This Manager’s Choice for December is a versatile selection to accommodate a range of home styles.

Armstrong Empower Scandia Oak Midsummer Sun

Manager’s Choice Pick: November 2021

Intermatex USA – Tony chose two striking coastal colors from a porcelain wall tile collection for his November 2021 pick.

The collection, Tech Atlantis, shown in Teal and Blue is a perfect selection for a dramatic pop of color. Depending on what you hope to achieve visually, the mosaic tile is also a fun choice because of the range of different looks you can create during installation. Tips can face up, down, to the left, or to the right with each positioning creating a dramatically different overall look.  

This Manager’s Choice for November has the potential to bring a beautiful focal point into any space!

Tech Atlantis Teal and Blue

Manager’s Choice Pick: October 2021

Akua – Tony chose a collection from Akua for his October 2021 pick.

Akua specializes in collections of mosaic tile and the Tortugas Hexagon collection consists of a stunning array of coastal blues and greens.

  • Offshore Blue
  • Dixie Blue
  • Patch Reef
  • Alligator Green
  • Molasses Green
  • Inshore Blue

This collection will deliver a bold pop of coastal color to any kitchen or bath.

This Manager’s Choice for October is perfect for the customer that desires mosaic artistry and wants to bring the ocean waters indoors.

Manager's Choice October 2021: Akua Tortugas Hexagon

Manager’s Choice Pick: September 2021

Lili Tiles– Tony chose two fun choices from Lili Tiles for his September 2021 pick.

Starfish, the hexagon cement tile, can be used in a variety of applications with a coastal color palette of white, gray, and blue. This selection feels fun and whimsy perfect for a half bathroom.

Tony also selected Miel, a more modern tile selection, from Lili a perfect pair to Starfish for a bathroom or a selection that could stand all on its own as a bold statement backsplash in a kitchen.

This Manager’s Choice for September is a great representation of how our area’s coastal colors can be married with a modern style.

Lili Tiles at Brunswick Tile and Flooring

Manager’s Choice Pick: August 2021

Sonoma Tilemakers – Tony chose a collection from Sonoma for his August 2021 pick.

The tile shown is from the Astoria Collection and offers 8 colors, available in both gloss and silk, that each feel serene and modern with just the right amount of shimmer. It’s a dusty hue color palette we are sure many of you will love.

This Manager’s Choice for August is a selection we’d definitely recommend if you are considering a tile with an “air of sophistication” for a master bath renovation. 


Sonoma Tilemakers Astoria Collection at Brunswick Tile and Flooring

Manager’s Choice Pick: July 2021

Glazzio Belgique Series– Tony chose a collection from Glazzio for his July 2021 pick.

The tile shown in Flemish Gold from the Belgique Collection is beyond a statement piece. This Designer waterjet marble mosaic tile has the potential to “wow” in any space with its modern luxurious vibe and intricate detailing.

This Manager’s Choice for July is a selection we’d definitely recommend considering if you’re looking to add a touch of glamour to your master bathroom wall.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind tile selection, this should be a consideration. If you have something else in mind, let our Design Team know. We can source designer specialty tiles in just the look you are after. 

Manager's Choice Pick: July 2021 is Glazzio's Belgique Collection

Manager’s Choice Pick: June 2021

CEGI Odonata – Tony chose the CEGI Odonata Collection for his June 2021 pick.

The Odonata Collection is a ceramic wall tile that comes in 9 striking colors offering substantial shade variation. While shade variation is typically something we educate a customer to prepare for so they are not surprised when one tile looks slightly different than another, substantial variation is now a part of a growing tile trend where the variation from tile to tile is purposeful. The differences between tiles offer a homeowner a way to create a truly unique space.

This Manager’s Choice is a selection we’d recommend using for a backsplash or bathroom wall.

Manager's Choice June 2021 CEGI Odonata Collection

Manager’s Choice Pick: May 2021

ADEX Penny Round Collection – Tony chose the ADEX Penny Round Collection for his May 2021 pick.

The Penny Round Collection offers you 8 neutral color options that will bring a softness to spaces throughout your home. The porcelain 3/4″ penny round mosaic tile is a testament to the years-old statement that what once was old is new.

This Manager’s Choice is a timeless selection we’d recommend on both the floor and wall.

ADEX Penny Rounds Collection

Manager’s Choice Pick: April 2021

Marazzi Moroccan Concrete – Tony chose Marazzi’s Moroccan Concrete Collection for his April 2021 pick.

Moroccan Concrete is suitable for both indoor and outdoor floor projects. The time-worn concrete with Moroccan flair brings warmth to spaces with its earthy color palette. 

Marazzi Moroccan Concrete Tile

Manager’s Choice Pick: March 2021

Cegi Fossils – Tony chose Cegis’ Fossil Collection for his March 2021 pick.

The collection is perfect for adding visual interest to your space without domination. The Fossils come in a soft, neutral palette with colors: Petrified, Cast, Preserved, and Trace.

Tony loves this option for its modern style. This is a great option if you are looking to upgrade your kitchen with a small home improvement project.

Cegi Fossils Collection

Manager’s Choice Pick: February 2021

Maverick by Happy Feet International – Tony chose Maverick from Happy Feet International for his February 2021 pick.

The luxury vinyl plank is 7″ x 48″ with a 20 mil wear layer and 5.7 mm in overall thickness. It’s a durable option that Happy Feet International touts is perfect for kids, pets, and coastal areas due to its waterproof and antimicrobial benefits. It is even great for second floors with an attached acoustical cushion. This selection, however, is Tony’s choice for another reason. The color selections for this collection are amazing. With 5 styles to choose from, he believes European Oak, Foxwood, and Asheville are standouts for the Coastal Trends this year.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Maverick by Happy Feet International

Manager’s Choice Pick: January 2021

Malibu & Manhattan by Happy Feet International – Tony chose the Malibu and Manhattan pairing from Happy Feet International for his January 2021 pick.

This pairing from Happy Feet International offers a seamless transition between a tile and wood look. Both flooring products flow together without having to use transitions and they both have a 28 mil wear layer for ultimate durability. This selection is a perfect option for someone interested in a marble look for a bathroom or kitchen with a seamless transition into a wood-look for the bedroom and rest of the home.

Happy Feet International Malibu at Brunswick Tile and Flooring
Happy Feet International Manhattan at Brunswick Tile and Flooring

Manager’s Choice Pick: December 2020

Berkeley Collection by Chesapeake Flooring Ceramic – Tony chose the Berkeley collection from Chesapeake Flooring for his December 2020 pick. 

The Berkeley Collection from Chesapeake Flooring is a glazed porcelain tile collection designed for both indoor and outdoor usage. This product is a perfect option for someone interested in wood-look tile for an exterior patio or anywhere inside the home.

Chesapeake Flooring Ceramic Berkeley Collection

Manager’s Choice Pick: November 2020

Pottery Collection by Chesapeake Flooring Ceramic – Tony chose the Pottery collection from Chesapeake Flooring for his November 2020 pick. 

The Pottery Collection from Chesapeake Flooring is a wall tile collection with shades of white, grey and blue. This product is a great option for someone interested in a larger or standard size subway tile for a beautiful, coastal-looking backsplash. Its hammered textured detail and rectangular shape make the glazed ceramic tile a great option for someone that is also looking to incorporate a decorative band. This collection currently offers 6 color choices: white, biscuit, tender gray, aqua, taupe and blue steel.

Chesapeake Flooring Ceramic Pottery Collection

Manager’s Choice Pick: October 2020

Stone Elegance by Happy Feet International – Tony chose the Stone Elegance collection from Happy Feet International for his October 2020 pick. 

The Stone Elegance Collection from Happy Feet International is a luxury vinyl plank flooring that is 6.2 mm thick with an attached pad and a 20 mil wear layer. It is perfect for coastal living due to its durability, water-resistance, and scratch resistance. This collection currently offers 8 on-trend color choices.

Stone Elegance Click Lock by Happy Feet International

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